Wholesale of Petroleum

Wholesale of Petroleum

The quality of gasoline determines the power and technology of modern engines. The company LLC Neftpromoil provides an opportunity to carry out bulk purchases of different types of products of oil refining. The all-season sale of gasoline and diesel fuel at affordable prices allows car park owners to exclude simple vehicles and receive planned profits. We are a reliable supplier selling wholesale gasoline, we are distinguished by having sufficient experience with suppliers of petroleum products, customers and good reputation. Our clients are road, timber processing, shipping and aviation companies, owners of gas stations, car parks and entrepreneurs of different levels.

Benefits of Cooperation

Partner relations allow each client to receive factory certified products that meet the requirements of GOST. The reference quality of oil products, to which diesel fuel and gasoline are the main ones, is beyond doubt. Round the clock mode of delivery in Moscow and the Moscow region allows customers to receive an order at the most convenient time for them. When deciding to buy gasoline in bulk, each buyer receives many benefits. The main ones are:

  • the possibility of timely refueling vehicles;
  • significant savings in cash;
  • reduction of overhead costs;
  • optimization of the transport company and its competitiveness;
  • excluding the purchase of substandard fuel and engine failures;
  • prolongation of equipment life;
  • operational processing of the application and delivery of gasoline;
  • exclusion of overpayments and mark-ups;
  • loyal attitude of the supplier of petroleum products;
  • compliance of fuel with the claimed octane number;
  • possibility of receiving a deferred payment;
  • guarantee of uninterrupted supply of gasoline.

  • The products sold meet the requirements of standards and regulatory documents that regulate emission standards for vehicle exhaust and fuel quality. The favorable price for gasoline in bulk, which we buy directly from manufacturers, is based on the lack of payment to intermediaries and is below average in the market of petroleum products. The presence of high-tech equipment, the necessary filling control systems, safety features exclude the emergence of emergency situations when unloading fuel in the vessel at the place of delivery. Our clients are given the opportunity to apply for the purchase of one of the main refined products on the company’s website, having written in the order form the phrase “I will buy gasoline in bulk”, or by contacting the manager by contact phone. The level of service of experienced qualified personnel meets the requirements and wishes of the most demanding customers.