We Work With Major Refineries

We provide a range of services to our clients, including fuel delivery to the chosen location. Our experts efficiently determine potential delivery routes and select the most suitable one for entrusting extremely dangerous materials in a secure container.

Welcome LLC Neftpromoil

For more than two years, LLC Neftpromoil has served as a provider of high-quality petroleum products with a mandate to significant refineries and logistics company. It also engages in the wholesale and delivery of refined goods. We have built up a sizable amount of sales and services in the domestic and international oil markets during this time, as well as solid alliances with the biggest producers in the sector and the creation of logistics solutions. We currently deal with the majority of refineries and oil refineries across the Russian Federation. We successfully implement a full spectrum of refined products and petrochemicals.

Working with refineries and logistics companies is one of the company’s key strategic initiatives. We work closely with renowned refineries across the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. Motor transport companies, independent gas stations, generating companies (TPPs, HPPs), municipal housing management offices, industrial enterprises and production associations, collective and farm enterprises, fishery enterprises, construction companies, and logging and timber processing organizations are some of our clients.


Our Major Suppliers